Republic of Cabinda

Natural Citizenship

Citizenship is automatic to all born in Cabinda, and it is extended to the sons of Cabinda citizens born in the exterior up to their Grand Sons.

The Passports are issued to all Natural Cabindans at no cost, this is a service the Government of the Republic of Cabinda does in order to grant a passport and legal means for someone from Cabinda to have its own passport and does not have to have an insulting angolan foreign passport.

Honorary and Acquired Citizenship

The Government of the Republic of Cabinda is based on Common Law and is a progressive Constitutional Democracy institution, the Republic of Cabinda implements the laws and government style structure of that the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

The Republic of Cabinda allows foreign citizens to acquire Cabinda citizenship this gives the same rights and privileges to those acquiring the Cabinda Citizenship as Natural Citizens. Once Cabinda regains and its Sovereignty is restored Honorary and Acquired Citizenship will remain to be fully confirmed and recognized and the same is guaranteed by Constitutional Cabinda Law.

There is no cost for Honorary and Acquired Citizenship and a donation is welcomed as it covers the cost of printing and delivery by mail.

Concerning to Diplomatic Passports

Diplomatic Passports issued by the Authority of the Republic of Cabinda are issued to those institutions and individuals who in different Jurisdictions and Countries wish to advance the awareness of the situation in Cabinda and promote the ideals of Freedom Justice and self determination of Peoples and Nations as enshrined in the United Nations Charters and the Human Rights Charter.

Concerning the Passports

All passports are done in Security Paper they where issued by a major Printing Company that works for the Government in the Country in which the Cabinda official Passports where printed. The passports have more than 50 security features, those include security paper, water markings, holograms, plastic sheet, etc....




DODOKOLO LUZABA VO Nsi ya Kabinda, ntumua a ntete wa mbanza utadidi mambu ma kinzenza Wuta monisa mpe lomba mu nkumbu ya luyalu lua Kabinda.

Kua babonso balendi songua nkanda wu bayambula nati buku didi ka zieta mu luvuvamu mpe ku nvana lusadisu mpe lutaninu vo dimonekene nluta.

Nati nkanda wu una: Muan ntoto Kabinda / Muana nkangu a Kabinda mu nsi a nzenza, mvuandi ku Kabinda munaluyalu, dina vo ntaninu Kabinda, nsimbi nkanda wu una ye (direito) kia fulu ye nsua wa zingila ku Kabinda ovo fulu kiabo kina mu controlo ya nsi Kabinda.

I. Nkanda wu uzayakene mu nsi zawonsono.

II. Nkanda wuwu una kimvuama kia nsi Kabinda.

III. Nkanda wuwu ka ulendi tekua mpe sumbua ko.

IV. Nkanda wuwu mfunu andi kaka kua muntu songelo mumu.

V. Vo umonekene nkanda wu fueti songua mpe filua mu correio ku nsi a Kabinda ovo ntumua za nsi yayi kuki nzenza.

VI. Vo muana Kabinda vuidi nkanda wuwu monekene wa fua, mfumu za Kabinda ba fueti bokelua mpe zayisua mu nsualu-nsualu,ka autopsia ko, ka luziku ko ovo gioka ku lenda vangama vo ka kua yawu mfumu za Kabinda ko.

VII. Nsiku muna luyalu lua Kabinda lunda muana Kabinda mu boloko ntangu ya ovo luta ntangu ya mu lembi tela mfumu za Kabinda.

VIII. Ka muana mosi ko wa Kabinda lenda sambisua mu konso lumbu kondua kua talua kua ntumua luyalu lua Kabinda.


Mandanda ma Kimbangi kia minu i nzila ndungusulu a luzolo mu kitika musi Nsi wa kilansi kia Kabinda:


"Mono (nkumbu), Ngieti dia ndefi va ntadisi a Tata Nzambi, ye kituka musi Nsi wa kilansi kia Kabinda.
Ngina kala wakuikama ye luzitu lua kedika mu kilansi kia Kabinda."


"Ngina vana kedika ye luzituluame lualo mu kilansi kia Kabinda mu kimpuanza kiakio.
Ngina landa minsiku miamio ye ngina mo zitisa kadi lolo i lutumu kua mono mu kituka musi Nsi wa kilansi kia Kabinda."

I bobo ntele


The form of citizenship oath and pledge is as follows for registration of or naturalisation as a Cabinda citizen:


"I, [name], swear by Almighty God that, on becoming a Cabinda citizen, I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Republic of Cabinda, and its legitimate Democratically and Constitutionally elected Government according to law."


"I will give my loyalty to the Republic of Cabinda and respect its rights and freedoms. I will uphold its democratic values. I will observe its laws faithfully and fulfil my duties and obligations as a Cabinda citizen."


"Je jure par Dieu Tout-puissant qui, en devenant un Citoyen Cabindais, je serai fidèle et j'aurai une vraie fidélité à la République du Cabinda, et à son légitime Gouvernement choisi d'après la loi Démocratique et Constitutionnelle."


"Je donnerai ma loyauté à la République de Cabinda et respectera ses droits et libertés. Je soutiendrai ses valeurs démocratiques. J'observerai ses lois fidèlement et réalisera mes devoirs et obligations comme un Citoyen Cabindais."


As per this act, the Republic of Cabinda ratifies and declares in force on its territory the following human rights conventions:

I - International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966);

II - Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (1948);

III - International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1966)

The preceding shall co-exist as the highest law of the land and become part of the organic law of Cabinda.

Cabinda, 1st November 2006

The Cabinda Armed Forces

"God is not on the side of the big battalions, but on the side of those who shoot best!"

Cabinda Parliament

Cabinda House of Lords - Upper House

Cabinda House of Commons - Lower House

Cabinda National Bank - Privy Council of the CNB

The Cabinda National Bank web page

The Law Society of Cabinda

The Law Society web page

The Cabinda National Petroleum

Cabinda Official Philatelic Stamps



The Independence of Cabinda a legal document for a Court of International Law.


UN Declaration on the Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources

UN Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples

The Republic of Cabinda is a Member of the Federation of Free States of Africa

The Status of the Republic of Cabinda

Cabinda is a Nation, Country, language and unique Culture that has an endless determination to fight to regain its Sovereignty. For the last 35 years, the People of Cabinda have being fighting the MPLA unelected Communist Regime, even so We hold 75% to 80% of the Territory of Cabinda Independent and Free from Foreign Occupation.

Of the few Despots and un-elected Dictatorial and Totalitarian Regimes in Africa, the MPLA unelected Communist Regime has gained a solid reputation for Greed, Corruption, Political and Civilian Assassinations, Infinite Arrogance and elevated Stupidity. In its illegitimacy claim to political power (which is achieved by weapons and weapons alone) the MPLA unelected Regime is sustained by what it can rob from others.